Dr. Barbara Di Eugenio

Current Members
  • Sabita Acharya (PhD student)
  • Mehrdad Alizadeh (PhD student)
  • Aldo Alvarez (Master's student)
  • Paolo Polimeno Camastra (Master's student)
  • Itika Gupta (PhD student)
  • Abhinav Kumar (PhD Student)
  • Paul Landes (PhD Student)
  • Natawut Monaikul (PhD student)
  • David Randolph (PhD student)

Numerous collaborators at UIC, in CS, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Psychology, Applied Health Sciences, Nursing

  • Michael Glass Michael was a postdoctoral fellow from August 2000 to August 2002. He is now an Associate Professor at Valparaiso University.
  • Susan Haller, professor at SUNY Potsdam, collaborated with us on NLP for ITSs (2002-2006).
  • Pam Jordan and Sandra Katz, research associates at the University of Pittsburgh, work with us on analysis and modelling of peer learning.
  • Susan McRoy, professor at Univ. of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, spent the year 08-09 as a visitor in the NLP lab. We are collaborating with her on medical informatics applications of NLP.
  • Agathe Merceron, professor at Beuth University of Applied Science, Berlin, Germany. spent the year 12-13 on sabbatical with us. We share interests in educational data mining, and dialogue interaction in educational technology
  • Seong-Bae Park, professor at Kyungpook  National University, South Korea.
  • Massimo Poesio, professor at  at the University of Essex, UK. We worked  together  on theories of referential expressions, and their application in tutoring interactions


  • Rachel Harsley (PhD spring 2017). PhD Thesis: "Supporting Effective Collaborative Learning in A Computer Science Intelligent Tutoring System"
  • Nick Green (PhD spring 2017). PhD Thesis: "Example Based Pedagogical Strategies in a Computer Science Intelligent Tutoring System"
  • Lin Chen (PhD summer 2014). PhD Thesis: "Towards Modeling Collaborative Task Oriented Multimodal Human-human Dialogues"
  • Joel Booth (PhD fall 2011, currently at Sprout Social, Chicago). Ph.D. Thesis: "Modeling and Querying Multimodal Urban Transportation Networks"
  • Swati Tata (PhD spring 2010, currently at Versay Inc, Chicago). PhD Thesis: "SongRecommend: Music Recommendation System with Fine-Grained Song Reviews"
  • Cindy Kersey (PhD fall 2009, currently Assistant Professor at Lewis University). PhD Thesis: "Knowledge Co-construction and Initiative in Peer Learning Interactions"
  • Davide Fossati (PhD summer 2009, currently Assistant Teaching Professor at Carnegie Mellon University, Qatar). PhD Thesis: "Automatic Modeling of Procedural Knowledge and Feedback Generation in a Computer Science Tutoring System"
  • Rajen Subba (PhD summer 2008, previously at Yahoo! Research Labs, currently at Microsoft San Francisco). PhD Thesis: "Discourse Parsing: A Relational Learning Approach"
  • Xin Lu (PhD summer 2007,  currently at Nuance, Inc, Montreal, Canada). PhD Thesis: "Expert tutoring and natural language feedback in intelligent tutoring systems"
  • Zhuli (Jack) Xie (PhD December 2006, currently Data Analyst at Yahoo, NYC, NY; previously at MySpace,  and at Motorola Research, Schaumburg, IL). PhD Thesis: "From Extracting to Abstracting: Generating Quasi-abstractive Summaries"


  • Abhinaya Balasubramanian (MS Spring 2014, currently at Yahoo! Inc)
  • Mohammadreza Miryani  (MS Spring 2014)
  • Balachandar Venkataramani (MS Spring 2014)
  • Camillo Lugaresi (MS Summer 2013, currently at Google, CA). MS Thesis: "Translating Italian Connectives into Italian Sign Language"
  • Nikhil Sunderraj (MS Spring 2013, currently at FactSet Research Systems, NYC, NY)
  • Hareen Venigalla (MS Spring 2013)
  • Vivek Hariharan (MS Spring 2013, currently at TubeMogul, Emeryville, CA)
  • Jayashree Khobarekar (MS Spring 2013)
  • Anruo Wang (Summer 2012)
  • Alberto Tretti (MS Spring 2010, co-founder of Glancee, later acquired by Facebook; currently at Facebook). MS Thesis: "Analysis and presentation of results for mobile local search"
  • Jisha Abubaker (MS fall 2008). MS Thesis: "Semantic Role Labeling: Generalizing To Unseen Verbs Using VerbNet"
  • SuNam Kim (moved to Univ. of Melbourne summer 05) worked on inductive logic programming for discourse relations
  • Dan Yu (MS Summer 04, currently at Albert A. Webb Associates, Riverside, CA) worked on DIAG-NLP
  • Yijue Hou (MS summer 03) worked on DIAG-NLP
  • Riccardo Serafin (MS Summer 03, currently at Scientific Institute H. San Raffaele, Milano, Italy) worked on extending LSA to recognize dialogue acts
  • Vijaysenthil Veeriah (MS summer 03)
  • Tejaswini Pendyala (MS summer 02) worked on applying LSA to one of our tutoring corpora
  • Elena Terenzi (MS summer 02) worked on coupling LCFLEX with VerbNet
  • Mike Trolio (MS Dec. 00) worked on generating instructional dialogue
  • Kai-Hua Xiang (MS Dec. 00) worked on Machine Learning for generating cue phrases