Accepted Papers for INLG 2012

The following long,  short and demo papers have been accepted to INLG 2012. Congratulations!

Long Papers -- oral presentation

  • Domain-dependent multilingual language generation from Semantic Web ontologies
    Dana Dannélls
  • Generation for Grammar Engineering
    Claire Gardent and German Kruszewski
  • “Hidden semantics”: what can we learn from the names in an ontology?
    Allan Third
  • Learning Preferences for Referring Expression Generation: Effects of Domain, Language and Algorithm
    Ruud Koolen, Emiel Krahmer and Mariët Theune
  • Linguist's Assistant: A Multi-Lingual Natural Language Generator based on Linguistic Universals, Typologies, and Primitives
    Tod Allman and Stephen Beale
  • Optimising Incremental Generation for Spoken Dialogue Systems: Reducing the Need for Fillers by Optimising Waiting Time and Content Re-ordering
    Nina Dethlefs, Helen Hastie, Verena Rieser and Oliver Lemon
  • Perceptions of Alignment and Personality in Generated Dialogue
    Carsten Brockmann, Alastair Gill and Jon Oberlander
  • Towards a Surface Realization-Oriented Corpus Annotation
    Leo Wanner, Simon Mille and Bernd Bohnet

Short Papers -- oral presentation

  • MinkApp: Generating Spatio-temporal Summaries for Nature Conservation Volunteers
    Nava Tintarev, Yolanda Melero, Somayajulu Sripada, Elizabeth Tait, Rene Van Der Wal and Chris Mellish
  • Referring in Installments: A Corpus Study of Spoken Object References in an Interactive Virtual Environment
    Kristina Striegnitz, Hendrik Buschmeier and Stefan Kopp

Short Papers --  poster presentation

  • Blogging birds: Generating narratives about reintroduced species to promote public engagement
    Advaith Siddharthan, Matthew Green, Kees van Deemter, Chris Mellish and Rene van der Wal
  • Extractive email thread summarization: Can we do better than He Said She Said?
    Pablo Duboue
  • Interactive Natural Language Query Construction for Report Generation
    Fred Popowich, Milan Mosny and David Lindberg
  • Planning Accessible Explanations for Entailments in OWL Ontologies
    Tu Anh T. Nguyen, Richard Power, Paul Piwek and Sandra Williams
  • Reformulating student contributions in tutorial dialogue
    Pamela Jordan, Sandra Katz, Patricia Albacete, Michael Ford and Christine Wilson
  • Rich Morphology Generation Using Statistical Machine Translation
    Ahmed El Kholy and Nizar Habash
  • Sign Language Generation with Expert Systems and CCG
    Alessandro Mazzei
  • Working with Clinicians to Improve a Patient-Information NLG System
    Saad Mahamood and Ehud Reiter


  • Generating Natural Language Summaries for Multimedia
    Duo Ding, Florian Metze, Shourabh Rawat, Peter Schulam and Susanne Burger
  • Midge: Generating Descriptions of Images
    Margaret Mitchell
  • Natural Language Generation for a Smart Biology Textbook
    Eva Banik, Eric Kow, Nikhil Dinesh, Vinay Chaudry and Umangi Oza